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Why You Should Ditch the Champagne Toast

A black man and woman dressed in a black tuxedo and white wedding dress look into each other's eyes while clinking their glasses in a celebratory toast.
Photo: Tory Bass Photo

One of the hallmark symbols of celebration is toasting with a glass of champagne. Often at large weddings & events, champagne is pre-poured for each guest to have in hand when the time for toasts or speeches comes around. It is a lovely custom in theory, but I'm here to tell you a few reasons you may want to avoid pre-poured drinks.

A black party tub filled with champagne bottles.
Photo: Shoot With Bliss

Firstly, let's look through the lens of waste and budget management: not everyone likes champagne. Consider that if even five guests do not touch or sip their champagne, that's one whole bottle of champagne gone to waste. That bottle not only costs you money, but it also required a lot of resources and time to be created and make its way to your wedding. Save your money and keep the champagne bottles behind the bar for the guests who request it!

Next, examine all of the reasons someone may choose not to drink alcohol at your wedding (besides simply not liking champagne). Imagine you are a person who may be struggling with alcohol dependency, only to have a tempting glass of champagne placed directly at your place setting, or perhaps you have a medical reason. Surely you would not wish to to subjugate a guest who may not have announced a pregnancy, is struggling, or has a medical issue, to uncomfortable questioning from those around them if they leave their drink untouched. The truth is, people avoid alcohol for a number of valid reasons that are nobody's business except their own.

Avoiding the pre-poured champagne toast can help avoid waste, save you money, and make things more socially comfortable for guests who choose not to drink. So what can you do instead? You an absolutely still have a celebratory toast, and guests who'd like to toast with a glass of bubbly can surely still do so! Have your DJ or MC make an announcement prior to toasts letting guests know that they can grab their beverage of choice from the bar, and be sure to have some non-alcoholic options available, such as mocktails, sparkling water/cider/grape juice!

A white woman wearing a white dress and a white man wearing a white button-up shirt with a floral tie, clink mason jar glasses containing a beverage in a celebratory toast. Each glass also contains a customized wooden stirrer that reads "Casey & Devin".
Photo: Kivus & Camera

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