Q: What is your service area? Do you travel?

A: We are based in Raleigh, North Carolina and primarily service the Triangle area, but are open to travel. We do charge a travel fee for events outside of a 50 mile radius of Raleigh, and a lodging fee for events that are more than a 3 hour drive. That said, we do also have a base on Long Island, NY and charge a travel fee for events outside of a 50 mile radius of Lindenhurst, NY and a lodging fee for events that are longer than a 3 hour drive from there. 

Q: Do you work with clients who live out of state and are planning an event in North Carolina? 

A: Yes! 

Q: Do you offer day-of/month-of coordination? 

AThese terms are a bit of a misnomer, as we will typically begin working together at least 2 months out from your event, but our Event Management package would be considered 'day-of' or 'month-of' coordination. 

Q: Do you work with LGBTQ+ couples?

A: Absolutely! We really wish this question did not need to be asked. Love is love, and should be celebrated!

Q: How are you different from a venue coordinator?

A: While a venue coordinator will often be responsible for overseeing things that specifically pertain to the venue, as an event planner or coordinator, we manage and oversee ALL aspects of your event and serve as the point of contact for your whole vendor team and wedding party (which typically makes the venue coordinator's job much easier)!

Q: Do you coordinate events other than weddings? 

A: Of course! we're here to help, whether it be for a wedding-related event such as an engagement party, rehearsal dinner, bachelor(ette) party, or bridal shower, or another milestone event such as a birthday, graduation, retirement, baby shower, or holiday celebration.

Q: What is your pricing?

A: Many factors go into determining the pricing for each unique event, which is why all of our services are customizable to suit your specific needs! For a starting point of reference, our Event Management package starts at $2,000. 

Q: What's the meaning behind the name 'KaraMia'?

A: The name KaraMia is a nod to owner Maria Karagiannis' name and Italian heritage. 'Kara' is the beginning of her Greek married name, 'Mia' is the nickname her family uses for her, and Cara mia in Italian means "my darling".

Q: Why do you focus on sustainability and the environment?

A: In short, because it's important. We focus on sustainable events because sustainable events are the events of the future. Each and every one of us can make a difference with every choice that we make, and events are no exception to that. There is a scientific consensus that we need global climate action, and being mindful of the impact of our events and lifestyles is one way we can all do our part!

Q: Are green weddings more expensive than conventional weddings?

A: Many factors go into determining the cost of any wedding. Overall, green weddings tend to be less expensive, as many couples choose to reduce their needs, or there may trade-offs that offset one another. 

Q: Would a green wedding pose any inconvenience to members of my bridal party or my guests? 

A: Generally, no, having a green wedding would not pose any more or less of an inconvenience than any other wedding. Even with a more conventional wedding, a couple or their parents may have some very specific requests that could be comparable in terms of potentially being an inconvenience; it really all depends!

Q: Would I have to forgo the beautiful floral centerpieces and decorations that I want?

A: No! You can absolutely still have gorgeous floral arrangements and decor. Opt for locally grown and in-season greens and flowers, and ask your florist not to use floral foam. For other decor, there are countless second hand items for sale and many rental options. 

Q: Is it difficult to have a big or cultural wedding and keep it eco-friendly?

A: In short, no. Planning a big or cultural eco-friendly wedding is no more difficult than planning a more conventional wedding. Planning any wedding has its challenges, and adding the extra layer of consciousness to make it green may seem intimidating, but if the commitment and mindset shift is present, or if you have someone like a green planner there to guide you, it is much easier! 

Q: Who handles the composting or other sustainable efforts? 

A: Your vendor team is there to help you reach your goals and create your vision for your big day. For composting, you may hire a collection company to pick up your organic waste, and coordinate with your caterer to have their team sort waste responsibly. In many cases, if you are working with a planner, they can handle the coordination of sustainable efforts for your big day. For events in North Carolina, KaraMia Events partners with Gather Green to execute an individualized waste management and recovery plan.

Q: Would composting at a wedding or event result in any unpleasant odors?

A: Nope! Composting at an event simply means that food scraps and other organic waste is discarded into a separate bin than the trash can, just like recycling. At weddings, this is typically done away from guests by the catering staff after bussing tables. The compost bins are then sealed and picked up by the composting company or responsible party after the event. 

Q: Does it have to be all or nothing?  

A: Progress over perfection! It absolutely does not have to be all or nothing - and that goes for being more eco-conscious in general! You can choose to go all in and zero-waste, or you can opt for one or two impactful efforts - something is always better than nothing.