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KaraMia Events does more than just take away the stress and overwhelm of planning and coordinating an event: we do it in a way that is sustainable! We help you navigate the planning process with an environmental focus that allows you to have a beautiful and memorable celebration while minimizing your celebration's impact on the natural world.


the Planner


My name is Maria Karagiannis and I am certified wedding planner with a passion for sustainability, which means you will have a professional on your team to manage all of the details and ensure your day is executed seamlessly, all while paying attention its environmental impact. Through discussions and planning sessions, we will work toward your vision and explore various options and efforts suitable to your event.


My core mission as a planner is to be the change that I want to see, and that goes much deeper than eco-friendly events - it's also about being inclusive, diverse, actively fighting against discrimination and racism, and being a safe space and ally. Weddings and events are all about love and joy, in every shape or form!

Whether you're planning a wedding, shower, birthday party, or another fun event, let me handle the details while you enjoy your moment!

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KaraMia events adheres to the Unity Through Community Creed and pledges to actively work to:

  • Rid the wedding industry of racism, prejudice and bias

  • Support, promote and purchase from creatives of all backgrounds

  • Diversify followers

  • Diversify network

  • Diversify clientele

  • Diversify the industry’s educational platforms

  • Commit to being accountable and holding each other accountable

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