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The Bee's Knees: A Roaring 20s Wedding Design

Despite its drawbacks, the 1920s is a wildly romanticized decade that is commonly referenced throughout modern pop culture even 100 years later. As we enter the 2020s, many are feeling nostalgic for the Roaring 20's and The Great Gatsby, and so the next big wedding trend to look out for is art deco design, gold detail, and a luxury feel!

This fall we were fortunate enough to collaborate with a wonderful team of North Carolina wedding pros to pull in all of these elements in a way that is both appealing and eco-friendly for a Roaring 20s themed wedding styled shoot featuring Robert and Vonsia Sanders.

A black couple in 20's inspired wedding attire. The bride wears her hair in an updo with a white feather headpiece, a silver necklace, and a spaghetti-strapped v-neck white A-line dress with feathery embellishments on the bodice. The groom has a beard and wears a classic black tuxedo with a black bowtie, a boutonniere, a black rimmed hat with feathers. The groom (right) leans against the bar and is facing the bride, who faces him as they both stare into each other's eyes. She is touching his left arm with her right hand.

Bar decor: from right are small gold vases that hold white flowers, a framed sign that says "Prohibition Ends Here" in gold text with an image of two clinking martini glasses, a decanter and two drinking glasses.
An outdoor wedding ceremony. A black couple wearing wedding attire stands in front of a white officiant with mid-length blonde hair who wears a black dress and black mask and holds a large book in her hands. The bride is on the left side of the frame: she has black hair in an updo with a white feather hairpiece and wears a white spaghetti-strapped v-neck a-line wedding gown with beaded feathery embellishments on the bodice. Her right hand is dropped to her side while with her left hand she is placing a ring on the groom's right hand. The groom is facing her and has a black beard and wears a classic black tuxedo with a boutonniere on his left lapel. To the right of the frame stands a large floral arrangement on a black pedestal, which consists of white flower and greenery, with feathers and pampas grass sticking out upright in a fan-like manner at the back.

A gold star-shaped basket of art-deco inspired masks sits next to a gold framed sign that reads "choose a mask & wear it well" in gold text with a mask image. The bottom left corner of the frame of a mirror is visible just above it.

Weddings in the modern 20s call for face masks, so why not pull in some stylish prints that fit the aesthetic?

The groom's shoulder, showcasing the boutonniere.
The bride holding a bouquet out in front of her. The bouquet is made up of white flowers and is adorned with brouches and beads.

Secondhand rhinestone brooches and beads were added to the bridal bouquet and centerpieces for a luxurious 1920s feeling.

A tablescape: a damask white tablecloth, gold chargers, white dinner plates, and black and gold geometric accent plates, black cutlery, and crystal water goblets at each place setting. The centerpiece is an elevated brass and crystal vase with a bouquet of white flowers at the top, gold candle votives and white hydrangeas surrounding the base.

A floral arrangement hangs on a partial white wall, trees behind it are visible on either side and two pillar columns are on both sides of the frame. The floral arrangement is art deco inspired, asymmetrical with gold-trimmed black paper fans, white flowers, greenery, white pampas grass, and a few white tassels hanging from the bottom.

All of the floral arrangements were foam-free, and dried pampas grass was used to mimic the look of feathers.

A black woman in a wedding dress standing in a bedroom: she is to the left of the frame with her right hand on the nightstand which holds a lamp, her left hand on her hip, her head turned toward the right of the frame staring outside of the frame. Her black hair is in an updo and is adorned with a white feather hairpiece. She wears a silver necklace and a white spaghetti-strap v-neck a-line dress with beaded feather embellishments on the bodice. There is a large potted plant towering above her from behind in the corner behind the bed, which is caddy-cornered in the shot. The four-poster bed has a white coverlet and two patterned throw pillows and a bolster pillow in front of them. The walls of the room are yellow and the curtains and carpet are a red and black plaid.

Vonsia's stunning headpiece was found secondhand on Poshmark, and the dress with beautiful art-deco inspired beading was found on consignment.

A black and white photo of the silhouette of a man in a stairwell. The right of the frame shows stairs, and to the left is a man on the landing in front of a window looking down with his hands clutched at his waist. He is wearing a classic black tuxedo and has a beard and short hair.

A sweetheart table: Along a wall of windows, a round table with two gold chairs and two place settings. There is a white damask tablecloth, and each place setting consists of a gold charger plate, a gold-trimmed white dinner plate, and a black, gold geometric accent plate, black cutlery, and a gold-rimmed champagne glass, each filled with liquid and accented with a few floating blackberries. At the front of the table is a golden basin with white hydrangea at the base and inside, and the white bridal bouquet is also in the bouquet. Crystals hang down from the front and sides of the basin. It is daylight outside.
Decorated sugar cookies on a crystal platter. Two cookies are black bow-tie shaped with white lettering 'r & v', two are of the word 'love' in white scripty letters with black shadowing, two are rectangular with the words 'we do' written in script against a white background brushed with gold with golden sugar crystals on the upper left and bottom right corners, and two are round shaped like hats iced to look like pearls, a flower, and feather on each.

Robert's custom classic black tux was a perfect addition to this look!

Planner: KaraMia Events

Photographer: Tory Bass Photography

Florist: Petals & Twist

Makeup: Sharon Davis

Hair Stylist: Christyal Crown of Beauty (Christyal Jackson)

Sugar Cookies: Scripted Leisure

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